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Smart eLearning? You Need Smart Processes

Do away with old, inefficient eLearning authoring processes… Embrace Smart eLearning Smart learning… is it a myth? How wonderful that more organisations and training providers are jumping on the digital learning bandwagon. However, is the eLearning they create in sync with modern learning behaviours and up for the competition? And do standard production processes foster […]

Customised eLearning Course

Pre-built vs Fully Customised eLearning Course. Which Is Better?

Pre-built vs Fully Customised eLearning Course When rolling out a new program, for example, new compliance guidelines, organisational development and project management offices understand that online training is critical to a major project’s success. eLearning has evolved to provide advanced options such as simulators and gamification to make education more engaging, less expensive and even […]

eLearning Translation UK

eLearning Translation UK – Reach Your Global Workforce

Smart eLearning  – eLearning Translation UK eLearning Translation UK We can translate any language. Currently, our most popular languages are: eLearning Translation UK Manderin Spanish Portuguese Arabic Italian German Dutch French Malay Japanese Telugu Hindi Afrikaans Tamil Urdu Smart eLearning can transform your existing content into a high-impact, cost-effective, multilingual solution. We only employ highly-skilled linguists who […]


The Biggest Business Benefits Of Custom eLearning

Custom eLearning, The Biggest Business Benefits. Custom eLearning does what off-the-shelf training products cannot: present tailor-made content that speaks directly to your audience. Investing in custom eLearning solutions comes with a host of benefits for your business and learners and will help you reach your desired training goals while bringing measurable business impact. Here are our 4 […]

Personalised eLearning Engages Learners

How Personalised eLearning Engages Learners – Featuring A Case Study Learners today have specific needs. Contrary to the “one size fits all” approach, personalised eLearning engages learners as it provides to them a far more immersive and meaningful learning experience. This article highlights the key aspects of personalised learning along with a case study that […]