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Personalised eLearning Engages Learners

How Personalised eLearning Engages Learners – Featuring A Case Study Learners today have specific needs. Contrary to the “one size fits all” approach, personalised eLearning engages learners as it provides to them a far more immersive and meaningful learning experience. This article highlights the key aspects of personalised learning along with a case study that […]

eLearning Translation UK

Multilingual Deployment – Translating eLearning and Training Materials

Drive user adoption, increase customer satisfaction and reduce support costs with strong multilingual training or eLearning materials. Smart eLearning is the premier eLearning Translation UK provider. Translating your training and eLearning materials can be daunting, no matter the language or the market. But with the right preparation, you can ease the translation process and create […]

custom elearning ROI

Off-the-Shelf or Custom eLearning Solutions? What Is Right for Your Organisation?

Off-the-Shelf or Custom eLearning Solutions? What Is Right for Your Organisation? Do we opt for off-the-shelf learning programs or custom eLearning solutions? This is a question that training departments in many organisations are frequently encountering. Consider the following scenario. As a training manager, you have the responsibility of rolling out an eLearning program for employees […]


eLearning made simple

eLearning made simple – you bet! Nothing beats simple. In a complicated world, simple can be a great place to go.  Simple is sweet and to the point. Simple is what quality eLearning requires. Quality eLearning starts with the simple premise that learning has to be easy to understand. Not all employees are on the […]