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Smart eLearning UK partner with global brands to deliver learning solutions that are learner-focused, within budget, and drive measurable results

We help organisations succeed by designing eLearning solutions which use advanced design process rooted in proven pedagogic approaches. We provide multi-language, translation and localisation which is backed up with the expertise of our creative and innovative team of instructional designers.

All of our designers are experts in gamification and social learning, with extensive multi-vertical experience and capability.

We provide exceptional and friendly after-sales support, in addition to multi-time zone support.

We work with you to make purchasing your eLearning a pleasurable and easy experience by implementing multiple billing methods to match your budget.

We can host your eLearning curriculums on our own Smart University Learning Management System (LMS) Powered by Moodle.

 A Little Bit About Us:

Smart eLearning Limited (UK) is a global provider of learning solutions and has been one of the UK’s leading learning consultancies for over ten years.
Smart eLearning has a well-established and loyal customer base. The reason for this is simple. We believe that keeping our customers happy is the best way to ensure our success. A number of drivers underpin the work we do to make sure that customer satisfaction is delivered as a matter of course.

We Listen: Partnership in development is key to the successful outcome of any learning programme. We cannot develop an appropriate solution until we have a thorough understanding of our customer, their learners and their needs; so the first part of our process is about us asking questions and listening to the answers to ensure we share and reflect your vision.

We’re Always Ready: We respond quickly. We’re available 24 hours aa day via telephone, instant message, email or WhatsApp. Everyone in the business is kept informed of project schedules and priorities and is excited to help!

We’re Reliable: We have developed a great reputation for delivering our services over the last ten years.
We have won awards for several of the major projects that we have delivered and delivered hundreds of eLearning and multiple blended training interventions before their deadline! Our process and methodology is robust enough for us to scale to the largest requirement but flexible enough to ensure we can change – as projects invariably do! Direct feedback from our clients tells us that they have faith in us to deliver, which is something to be proud of.

We Know What We’re Doing: Instructional Design is the foundation of any learning solution and is one of our core capabilities. It’s fundamental that we get to know the learner; tell a story that is real and meaningful to them, that challenges them, makes them think, reflect and learn. Then we think about how we can use technology and other learning interventions to make this happen. Many of our projects deal with complex topics and/or concepts that other mainstream providers find difficult to deliver through eLearning. Customers have presented us with challenges such as teaching their staff to think more creatively and strategically within the context of their roles, or understanding the complexities of industrial processes. This kind of behavioural change is difficult to achieve and requires carefully constructed learning solutions designed by specialists and often involving an intelligent mix of complementary components and interventions. The ability to create these solutions is what differentiates Smart eLearning from our competitors.

We’re Ethical: We’re as green as possible. Part of our business model is the fact that we work remotely. Our office is conveniently located if you would like to visit – Plus we’re at the beautiful seaside! We meet with our clients over conference, we will travel to you if you prefer, but part of the wonder of our solutions is that it is accessible to anyone with an internet connection! No unnecessary travel expenses, no big fluorescent lights or electricity-gobbling servers. We even recycle our coffee grinds to local allotments! We are proud supporters of the European Digital Skills Partnership, the Alzheimers Association, and Dementia Action Alliance and provide free eLearning services to benefit the community. We are proud of our relaxed ‘no-fluff’ approach. We don’t really like buzzwords, and we don’t do the hard sell. We recognise the challenging times we face. It’s not always a question of developing content for the lowest price, but it is essential to present cost-effective solutions to our clients, which generate a tangible return on investment.When your clients fall in love with your ethos, why would we want to change it?

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